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The Travels of Ibn Jubayr: An Interactive Exhibit 

This exhibit maps the journey of the twelfth century traveler, Ibn Jubayr, following the route of his pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, beginning and ending at his home in Granada, Spain.

Aleppo: The Long Road to Modern Destruction 

This exhibit showcases the history of major structures in the City of Aleppo, in Syria, from the Hellenistic period to modern day.

Ibn Jubayr's Encounters With the Bedouin 

Tracing a portion of Ibn Jubayr’s 12th century hajj, this exhibit explores his observations of the Bedouin as he traversed their environments and provides an introduction to the distinctions that define the Bedouin.

Crusader Castles of the Holy Land 

An interactive Neatline exhibit that enables you to track the Castles of the Crusades.

Ibn Jubayr's Journey Through Damascus 

This exhibition will attempt to reconstruct Ibn Jubayr’s account of Damascus, based on his descriptions of the major monuments in and around the city.

Urban Development of Damascus 

This Neatline exhibit focuses on the urban development of Damascus from its foundation as a set of Aramaean villages ca. 1000 B.C. to the Roman period, terminating around A.D. 400.

The Evolution of the Hajj 

This project is intended to explore how the Hajj has changed from the 7th century C.E. to modern times.

Travel Narratives of the Mediterranean 

This project charts the routes and sites of an ancient, medieval and modern traveler to the Mediterranean, and specifically Egypt, in order to gain a visual understanding of textual narratives and a comparative understanding of illustrative narratives.

Water on Hajj 

Through his diary and supporting information from a collection of sources, Ibn Jubayr's journey from Alexandria to Acre has been traced via water presence, illustrating how travelers and city dwellers coped with the unforgiving landscape.