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Ibn Jubayr's Journey Through Damascus

On the morning of 5 July 1184, Ibn Jubayr reached Damascus from the north and he remained in the city for nearly two months, leaving on September 13, 1184.  

His report described many of the major monuments in and around the city.  This exhibition will attempt to reconstruct Ibn Jubayr’s account of the city.  

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Several of the major sites that he referenced are listed below. Click on one of the links listed below and information about the specific site will appear. This informational will provide insight about Ibn Jubayr’s experience, as well as additional information that will help to contextualize each monument or structure.  

The sites are be marked with points on a map. By clicking on these points, you will be able to see images associated with each location.  Locations marked in blue and orange correspond to specific sites discussed by Ibn Jubayr.  Those in yellow indicate other important sites, not mentioned by Ibn, but that date to the Middle Ages.

Created by Joshua Basham & Rachel Wertheim